Open Seasons: Autumn Wellness Box

Open Seasons: Autumn Wellness Box


OPEN SEASONS: A surprise gift box of nurturing botanical remedies, from Autumn to your doorstep.

Each season, a wellness box filled with items that I have curated and handmade will be offered. These items reflect the coming season and allow you to begin, or add to, your home first aid and wellness kit. They not only nourish your skin and your soul; they will support you as we enter this new season.

Sunday’s Company products are all about opening the gifts, and the knowing of each season, which is why I’ve filled this limited edition offering with a curated sampling of the wisdom and healing of Autumn’s plant allies. There will not be a focus on a particular plant, like Summer worked around Rose medicine. Rather, we are looking at plants as a collective, working together to provide the deepest medicine, as we transition into darker, cooler and cosier days.

The focus for Autumn is “grounded protection”.

Summer has passed— it treated us well and as blossoms turn to seed and plants move their energy to their roots, preparing for the colder season, so too shall we.

There is still movement from the fire energy of Summer, but the cooling stillness of Autumn and this season’s earth energy is present. The coming months are a time for refuelling, going within and building our immune systems in preparation for Winter. Just as the trees begin to lose their leaves, this signifies our own season of letting go— releasing our resistance to change, getting grounded in our bodies and finding balance in our lives. The plant allies of this Autumn offering will support us in this transition.

In the Autumn box, you will find 6-8 intuitively hand-crafted natural products (anything from tinctures, elixirs, salves, oils, teas, flower essences and custom scents); an intention card with the spirit of the box as a poetic meditation; a booklet with all the healing information about each product, and some indulgent extras I love to tuck in. You’ll find yourself deeply supported in the season you’re in.

There are 15 boxes available this month. Orders must be placed by September 18th, as boxes will be mailed out the following week, after the Vernal Equinox.

Thank you. I look forward to sharing this Autumn earth medicine with you.

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