Open Seasons: Summer Wellness Box

Open Seasons: Summer Wellness Box


OPEN SEASONS: A surprise gift box of nurturing botanical remedies, from Summer to your doorstep.

Each season, a wellness box filled with items that I have curated and handmade will be offered. These items will reflect the coming season and will allow you to begin, or add to, your home first aid and wellness kit. They are items I have created with the highest intention and all that I hope for you. They will not only to nourish your skin and your soul as we enter a new season, but they are meant to heighten inspiration and creativity, to connect you with harmony and peace, and above all, to radiate love for yourself and others.


The focus for Summer is “cooling expansion”.

Seasons know things. Fall knows to surrender; Winter knows to ponder; Spring knows to begin and Summer knows to...expand! Sunday’s Company products are all about opening the gifts and the knowing of each season, which is why I’ve filled this limited edition (only 20 available!) Summer box with a curated sampling of the wisdom and healing Summer plant allies hold. The star of our box? Our dear friend the Rose with her sweet heart medicine.

Summer is the best time to concentrate on rebuilding the energy consumed during the Winter and Spring months and allow the earth to nourish and recharge us. Summer invites the energy of balance between intentional action and simply ‘being’. In order to best expand, we need to keep cool, while letting the right amount of heat in to help things grow, bring a lustre to our complexions, and welcome in joy, sharp and focused.

In the Summer box, you’ll find 6-8 intuitively hand-crafted natural products (anything from tinctures, elixirs, salves, oils, teas, flower essences and custom scents); an intention card with the spirit of the box as a poetic meditation; a booklet with all the healing facts about each product, and some indulgent extras I love to tuck in. You’ll find yourself deeply supported in the season you’re in.

I want your gift to be full of potent earth and moon energy, so all packages will be charged under the June Full Rose Moon (how fitting, right?) and mailed out following the Summer Solstice.

Orders must be placed by June 16.

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