Rustic Wood and Maguey Scrub Brush

Rustic Wood and Maguey Scrub Brush


Product + Artisan Information

Handmade in the Oaxaca valley of Mexico by an older generation of artisans, as the younger generation has generally not embraced this creative practice.

Great for cleaning floors, sinks, root vegetables and other surfaces.

The top piece is made from untreated pine wood. The bottom bristles are collected from local agave plants. The preparation of this coarse material for the bristles is quite time consuming as they all need to be stripped and cleaned before being added into the piece.

Approximately 6” wide x 3” high (15cm x 7.5cm) 

Care Instructions

Should not be left in water for long periods of time (ie. overnight), however general use for cleaning is no problem. Do not place in hot, direct sun when wet or brush may crack.

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