Maguey Mesh Bag

Maguey Mesh Bag

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100% natural handwoven smoked maguey (agave string), adjustable leather strap.

The agave is rolled on the thigh of the artisan to desired thickness. The bag is then woven into a rectangle shape using a wooden board. The strap is cut by hand using rustic tools, so it is natural that they have some unique markings.

Produced by artisans who are 60+ years old, as the younger generation has not embraced the trade. The oldest artisan is 92—her incredible finely-woven bags take her over a full month to make.

Naturally dyed with smoke, hence the smoky smell. The artisan places the bag above their open fire stove at home, and leaves them there to get darker with time. The smell is long-lasting and not something that will necessarily wash out. Available in two colours and sizes. Choose from the drop down menu.

Colours: Smoked (dark) or natural.

Sizes: Small approximately 12" x 14" (30cm x 35xcm)

Large size is approximately 15.5" x 17" (40cm x 45cm)

Care Instructions

The strap is untreated and requires leather protector treatment so to not be stained by rain and moisture. Clean with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash or dry.

Both the bag and the strap will become darker and more flexible with time, use and exposure to sun.

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