Sunday’s Company offers custom product creation for your personal and business and events. Whether you are in the hospitality or health and wellness industries, or hosting an intimate event, together we can create something tailored, personal and memorable.


The June Motel | Image:  Lauren Miller

The June Motel | Image: Lauren Miller


For: boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rental properties

- quality, handmade, and bespoke bathroom amenities, including soap and body oil.
- in-suite and retail/gift shop options available.

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Bloomfield Beauty Co.

Bloomfield Beauty Co.

Health and Wellness

For: spas, yoga studios, health and wellness spaces,

- custom line of products, exclusive to your business.
- options could include, body oils, soaps, salves and other botanical based body and/or self care products
- choose from existing Sunday’s Company products, and add your exclusive scent, or …
white label products, tailored to your business

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Nurture Retreats | Image:  Katie Benfey Photography

Nurture Retreats | Image: Katie Benfey Photography

Retreats and Events

For: hosts of special events, retreats, conferences, etc

- custom scent that evokes the spirit of the event
- gift box box with thoughtful goods that promote self love
- an offering I intuitively create after

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Personal and Workplace Gifts

- special occasions
- someone special in your life who might be going through something— show them you’re thinking about them - - “corporate” gifts … rather show your team how much you appreciate them, and that you wouldn’t be where you are without them… ‘cause it really does take a village.

- build the perfect gift box with existing Sunday’s Company products
- i can help you choose what may be needed, or you can choose whatever you’d like.
- includes a few “extras” that i will incorporate to make your recipient feel extra special

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